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Google hired Timnit Gebru to be an outspoken critic of unethical AI. Then she was fired for it.

Timnit Gebru and Google Timnit Gebru is one of the most high-profile Black women in her field and a powerful voice in the new field of ethical AI, which seeks to identify issues around bias, fairness, and responsibility. Google hired her, then fired her. This article argues that leading AI ethics researchers, such as Timnit […]

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Amazon scraps AI recruiting tool showing bias against women

In 2018, Amazon’s use of AI for hiring was discovered to favour male job candidates, because its algorithms had been trained on 10 years’ worth of internal data that heavily skewed male. The algorithm was trained, in effect, to believe that male candidates were better than female candidates.

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This tech startup uses AI to eliminate all hiring biases

This video argues that hiring is largely analogue and broken. This leads to major problems such as inefficiency, ineffectiveness (50% of first-year hires fail), poor candidate experience, and lack of diversity. The hiring process is plagued by gender bias, age bias, socioeconomic bias, and racial bias. Pymetrics intentionally audits algorithms to weed out unconscious human […]

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PwC facial recognition tool criticised for home working privacy invasion

Accounting giant PwC has come under fire for the development of a facial recognition tool that logs when employees are absent from their computer screens while they work from home. The technology, which is being developed specifically for financial institutions, recognises the faces of workers via t… PwC has come under fire for the development […]

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AI will impact future of jobs

Will AI eliminate more jobs than it creates? Experts weigh in on a hot topic that impacts almost every industry. The impact of AI on future jobs.

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An AI expert told ’60 Minutes’ that AI could replace 40% of jobs

Artificial intelligence can replace repetitive tasks, but it doesn’t have the empathy to lead. View of an AI expert on human job loss. Provides an anecdotal view from an AI expert on what jobs are already being displaced with AI and automation.

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