AI in Immigration

AI is used to help with border control as well as analyse immigration and visitor applications. The implementation so far has flagged the encoding of unfair treatment of individual visa applications based on the person’s country of origin. The use of facial recognition technology to detect deception has raised concerns of discrimination against people based on ethnic origin.

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AI in immigration can lead to ‘serious human right breaches’

This video refers to a report from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab that raises concerns that the handling of private data by AI for immigration purposes could breach human rights. As AI tools are trained using datasets, before implementing those tools that target marginalized populations, we need to answer questions such as: Where does […]

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We tested Europe’s new lie detector for travellers – and immediately triggered a false positive

4.5 million euros have been pumped into the virtual policeman project meant to judge the honesty of travelers. An expert calls the technology “not credible.” IBorderCtrl’s lie detection system was developed in England by researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University. It claims that its virtual cop can detect deception by picking on the micro gestures the […]

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