Using Simulated Data to Generate Images of Climate Change (LVL 4)

picture of Barack Obama next to altered image of a whitened Obama

Case Study: Explores the potential of using images from a simulated 3D environment to improve a domain adaptation task carried out by the MUNIT architecture, aiming to use the resulting images to raise awareness of the potential future impacts of climate change. The case study aims to develop an interactive website that, given a user-entered […]

Racial disparities in automated speech recognition (LVL 4)

a graph showing results for 5 ASR systems when used by black and white Americans

Analysis of five state-of-the-art automated speech recognition (ASR) systems—developed by Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, and Microsoft—to transcribe structured interviews conducted with white and black speakers. Researchers found that all five ASR systems exhibited substantial racial disparities and highlight these disparities may actively harm African American communities. For example, when speech recognition software is used by […]

Unmasking Facial Recognition (LVL 4)

picture of Barack Obama next to altered image of a whitened Obama

A report exploring the racial bias challenges of the police’s use of live facial recognition technology in the United Kingdom. It focuses on the implications of the technology for people of colour and Muslims – two heavily surveilled groups in society.