AI in immigration can lead to ‘serious human right breaches’ (LVL 4)

This video refers to a report from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab that raises concerns that the handling of private data by AI for immigration purposes could breach human rights. As AI tools are trained using datasets, before implementing those tools that target marginalized populations, we need to answer questions such as: Where does […]

How AI Could Reinforce Biases In The Criminal Justice System (LVL 4)

screen capture of video AI and predictive policing

Whilst some believe AI will increase police and sentencing objectivity, others fear it will exacerbate bias. For example, the over-policing of minority communities in the past has generated a disproportionate number of crimes in some areas, which are passed to algorithms, which in turn reinforce over-policing.

Visualise Climate Change – interactive website (LVL 4)

Montreal University logo

Future interactive website to show precise and personalised impacts of climate change using AI and climate modelling. Bringing together researchers from different fields, the website aims to act as an educational tool that will produce accurate and vivid presentations of future climate change outcomes as they are likely to affect individuals.

Why the Climate Change AI Community Should Care About Weather: A New Approach for Africa (LVL 4)

Headshots of members of the climate change AI community

Case Study: Community-level perspective of the game-changing socio-economic value that could be achieved with better forecasts, especially among vulnerable communities. The paper presents a new way to view this opportunity by better understanding the problem, with the goal of inspiring the Climate Change AI community to contribute to this important aspect of the climate adaptation […]

Using Satellite Images and Artificial Intelligence to Improve Agricultural Resilience (LVL 4)

Drone flying over crops in Rwanda

Case Study: Most of Rwanda’s crop production comes from smallholder farms. The country’s agriculture officials have historically had insufficient data on where crops are cultivated or how much yield to expect — a hindrance for government’s future planning. Building on previous work with emerging technologies, machine learning, economics, and agriculture, the paper develops a new […]

Artificial intelligence in the courtroom (LVL 4)

A man at a desk

The current use of AI in reviewing documents, predicting outcome of cases and predicting success rates for lawyers. This article highlights concerns about fallibility and the need of human oversight.