How an Algorithm Blocked Kidney Transplants to Black Patients

X-ray with kidneys highlighted

An algorithm used in the US supposed to estimate kidney function, the severity of the disease and allocation of kidney transplants, is found to be racially skewed, under-allocating necessary resources to black patients. A study demonstrates that the algorithm took an individual’s race into account, meaning that they were not offered a kidney transplant when […]

Can AI Tackle Racial Inequalities in Healthcare?

A medic helping a black woman with a leg injury

News article, drawing on a study by Nature Medicine, which explains how algorithms might be able to help tackle racial biases within doctors’ own judgements. Doctors’ judgement of how much pain a patient is feeling has been linked to discrimination and racism, with black patients likely to have their pain level underestimated, which can adversely […]

Google’s AI for mammograms doesn’t account for racial differences

2 mammograms side by side each with a yellow box highlighting where an AI system has found cancerous cells

A short article examining Google’s new AI for mammograms. It has hopes of replacing human radiologists with faster and more accurate diagnosis. However, there are worries over its accuracy in spotting cancer in diverse racial and ethnic populations, both due to white focused data sets and inherent biases within the healthcare system.

Studies find bias in AI models that recommend treatments and diagnose diseases

human hand pointing to a chest x-ray

Machine learning models for healthcare hold promise in improving medical treatments by improving predictions of care and mortality, however their black box nature, and bias in training data sets leaves them vulnerable to instead hinder the effectiveness of critical care. This article explores various research studies to explore bias within AI healthcare technologies.

New Study Blames Algorithm For Racial Discrimination

White doctor and black patient

This article examines a tool created by Optum, which was designed to identify high-risk patients with untreated chronic diseases, in order to redistribute medical resources to those who need them most. Research has shown this algorithm to be biased; it was less likely to admit black people than white people who were equally sick to […]

Bias + Artificial Intelligence (in Medicine)

Rachel Thomas speaking

Talk by Rachel Thomas on the prevalence of bias within AI-based technology used in medicine. AI has the potential to remove human biases in the healthcare system, however its integration within medicine could also amplify the existing biases.

Racial Bias in Science and Medicine: Who’s Included?

image of man talking

A short video examining the lack of inclusion within clinical biomedical research, and the consequence this has on the effectiveness of the treatments and medicines for non-white patients. Lack of research on minority patients means that we do not understand the racial differences in drug response, and so approved medical treatments are excluding a huge […]

‘Objective’ Science and White Bias: BAME Under-Representation in Biomedical Research (Part 2)

Multicoloured strips

This article explores racial bias and exclusion within biomedical research. White People are 87% more likely to be included in medical research than people from a Minority Ethnic Background, this is down to institutional racism which exacerbates under-representation of Minority Ethnic researchers. This racial exclusion skews our understanding of health and disease to represent White […]

Racist Robots? How AI bias may put financial firms at risk

Through a case study of mortgage applications, this article shows how bias might be introduced to AI systems by either bias within historical data, and/or inherent biases of AI programmers and employers. This article gives reasons why this presents a risk to businesses in terms of missing out on customers (refusing credit to creditworthy people) […]