The Misinformation Edition of the Glass Room

Video title page: the Glass Room Misinformation Edition

The Misinformation Edition of the Glass Room is an online version of a physical exhibition that explores different types of misinformation, teaches people how to recognise it and combat its spread.

Inbuilt biases and the problem of algorithms

young boy walking down a library aisle

This article details the algorithm used to inform A Level results for students who could not take exams due to the 2020 pandemic. The algorithm took into account the postcode of the student, which meant that students from lower income areas were more likely to have their grade reduced whilst students in high-income areas were […]

The problem with algorithms: magnifying misbehaviour

female doctor

This news example gives an example of bias present in an algorithm governing the first round of admissions into a medical university. The data used to define the algorithms output showed bias against both females and people with non-European-looking names.

AI in immigration can lead to ‘serious human right breaches’

This video refers to a report from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab that raises concerns that the handling of private data by AI for immigration purposes could breach human rights. As AI tools are trained using datasets, before implementing those tools that target marginalized populations, we need to answer questions such as: Where does […]

How AI Could Reinforce Biases In The Criminal Justice System

screen capture of video AI and predictive policing

Whilst some believe AI will increase police and sentencing objectivity, others fear it will exacerbate bias. For example, the over-policing of minority communities in the past has generated a disproportionate number of crimes in some areas, which are passed to algorithms, which in turn reinforce over-policing.