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The Potential for AI in healthcare

The complexity and rise of data in healthcare means that artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly be applied within the field. Several types of AI are already being employed by payers and providers of care, and life sciences companies. The key categories … This report discusses current applications of AI as well as potential future applications […]

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Addressing Bias: Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) is providing opportunities to transform cardiovascular medicine. As the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, cardiovascular disease is prevalent across all populations, with clear benefit to operationalise clinical and biomedical data to improve workflow… Medical paper which examines the potential of Artificial Intelligence in cardiovascular medicine; it could hugely benefit patient […]

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Can we trust AI not to further embed racial bias and prejudice?

Heralded as an easy fix for health services under pressure, data technology is marching ahead unchecked. But is there a risk it could compound inequalities? Poppy Noor investigates. Journalist Poppy Noor investigates how black people with melanoma are being underserved in healthcare, and the link to the racist algorithms driving new cancer software. Most of […]

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Limiting racial disparities and bias for wearable devices in health science research

Consumer wearables are devices used for tracking activity, sleep, and other health-related outcomes (e.g. Apple Watch, Fitbit, Samsung, Basis, Mio, PulseOn, Who Consumer wearables are devices used for tracking activity, sleep and other health-related outcomes, intended to help people reach their wellness goals. However these wearables are less accurate for people with darker skin tones, […]

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Reducing bias in AI-based financial services

The impact of artificial intelligence in consumer lending. This US focused report considers four distinct ways of incorporating Artificial Intelligence into credit lending. It highlights the existing racial bias in credit scores, where white / non-hispanic individuals are likely to have a much higher credit score than black / African American individuals. And argues that […]

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Workforce View 2020

High definition research into employee attitudes Comprehensive report on worker sentiment about the general outlook for the workplace and the long-term prospects for the jobs they’re holding. High levels of anxiety in workers due to automation.

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The Future of Jobs Report 2020

After years of growing income inequality, concerns about technology-driven displacement of jobs, and rising societal discord globally, the combined health and economic shocks of 2020 have put economies into freefall, disrupted labour markets and fully revealed the inadequacies of our social contract… Comprehensive report on the future of work, increase of automation/digitalisation of tasks and […]

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Exams that use facial recognition may be ‘fair’ – but they’re also intrusive

News article which argues that whilst AI facial recognition during exams might be fair, it is both an invasion of privacy and is at risk of bringing unwarranted biases.

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Unmasking Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is not the next generation of CCTV. Whilst CCTV takes pictures, facial recognition takes measurements. Measurements of the distance between your eyes, the length of your nose, the shape of your face. In this sense, facial recognition is the next generation of fingerprinting. It is a highly intrusive form of surveillance which everyone […]

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