Gender Shades: Intersectional Accuracy Disparities in Commercial Gender Classification

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According to this paper researchers from MIT and Stanford University, three commercially released facial-analysis programs from major technology companies demonstrate both skin-type and gender biases, The three programs’ error rates in determining the gender of light-skinned men were never worse than 0.8 percent. For darker-skinned women, however, the error rates ballooned — to more than […]

Amazon scraps AI recruiting tool showing bias against women

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In 2018, Amazon’s use of AI for hiring was discovered to favour male job candidates, because its algorithms had been trained on 10 years’ worth of internal data that heavily skewed male. The algorithm was trained, in effect, to believe that male candidates were better than female candidates.

This tech startup uses AI to eliminate all hiring biases

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This video argues that hiring is largely analogue and broken. This leads to major problems such as inefficiency, ineffectiveness (50% of first-year hires fail), poor candidate experience, and lack of diversity. The hiring process is plagued by gender bias, age bias, socioeconomic bias, and racial bias. Pymetrics intentionally audits algorithms to weed out unconscious human […]

How to use AI hiring tools to reduce bias in recruiting

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Commercial AI recruitment systems cannot always be trusted to be effective in doing what the vendors say they do. The technical capabilities this type of software offers could be exaggerated. For some of these tools, the statistical bar is low and the correlations they draw just have to be, on average, a bit better than […]

Using AI to eliminate bias from hiring

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Many current AI tools for recruiting have flaws, but they can be addressed. The beauty of AI is that we can design it to meet certain beneficial specifications. A movement among AI practitioners like OpenAI and the Future of Life Institute is already putting forth a set of design principles for making AI ethical and […]

Rights group files federal complaint against AI-hiring firm HireVue, citing ‘unfair and deceptive’ practices

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HireVue’s “AI-driven assessments,” which more than 100 employers have used on over one million job candidates, use video interviews to analyse hundreds of thousands of data points related to a person’s speaking voice, word selection and facial movements. The system then creates a computer-generated estimate of the candidates’ skills and behaviours and potential fit for […]

When your resume is (not) turning you down: Modelling ethnic bias in resume screening

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CVs are worldwide one of the most frequently used screening tools. CV screening is also the first hurdle applicants typically face when they apply for a job. They seem particularly vulnerable to hiring discrimination. Despite of decades of legislation on equality and HR professionals’ commitment to equal opportunities – ethnic minority applicants are still at […]