With so much buzz about AI at present, we invite blog post contributions which demystify key topics.

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Mary Madden on Algorithmic Bias in College Admissions

A good introductory video to the use of AI in college admissions. Questioning at what point it is acceptable to completely remove the human oversight in admissions.

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AI in immigration can lead to ‘serious human right breaches’

This video refers to a report from the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab that raises concerns that the handling of private data by AI for immigration purposes could breach human rights. As AI tools are trained using datasets, before implementing those tools that target marginalized populations, we need to answer questions such as: Where does […]

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The danger of predictive algorithms in criminal justice

Dartmouth professor Dr. Hany Farid reverse engineers the inherent dangers and potential biases of recommendations engines built to mete out justice in today’s criminal justice system. In this video, he provides an example of how the number of crimes is used as proxy for race.

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How AI Could Reinforce Biases In The Criminal Justice System

Whilst some believe AI will increase police and sentencing objectivity, others fear it will exacerbate bias. For example, the over-policing of minority communities in the past has generated a disproportionate number of crimes in some areas, which are passed to algorithms, which in turn reinforce over-policing.

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Coded Bias: When the Bots are Racist – new documentary film

This film cuts across all areas of potential racial bias in AI in an engaging documentary film format.

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