With so much buzz about AI at present, we invite blog post contributions which demystify key topics.

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Savena Surana

Savena is an award-winning creative communicator and producer. For over seven years she’s told stories of social good for clients such as the United Nations Foundation, Museum of London and Lego, crafting narratives that inspire change and challenge the status quo. She is also the co-founder of Identity 2.0, a creative studio working at the […]

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Marissa Ellis

Marissa is a strategy, product and change consultant and the founder of Diversily. Her 20 years in tech has covered areas such as digital innovation, data analytics & business intelligence. Diversily is on a mission to help others to drive positive change through their self service frameworks and workshops that cover change, inclusion and leadership. […]

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Ismael Kherroubi Garcia

Ismael has been working in the AI ethics space since 2020, when he worked on establishing the Alan Turing Institute’s research ethics committee. He believes that responsible AI cultures can be promoted through practical organisational mechanisms, as informed by his studies in business and philosophy. Since 2022, Ismael has been offering AI ethics and research […]

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Laura Hernández

Laura is a Master of Logic student at Universiteit van Amsterdam, focused on studying topics in the philosophy of artificial intelligence using the frameworks of formal epistemology, rationality and formal semantics. Research interests include data privacy, explainability, ethics and education.

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Hannah Claus

Hannah Claus is a passionate and driven explorer, DeepMind scholar, and Research Assistant at the Ada Lovelace Institute with a vision to positively impact the world by implementing the latest advancements in AI. Fuelled by curiosity and a thirst for discovery, she is dedicated to studying all elements of AI, aiming to leverage connected fields, […]

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Lizzie Remfry

Lizzie is a Health Data Science PhD student at Queen Mary University of London exploring how we can build more equitable AI systems in collaboration with patients and clinicians. Lizzie has a background in Global Health and Psychology, and her research focues on health inequalities.

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Dolapo Moses Apata

Dolapo M. Apata is a Research Assistant at We and AI, having completed a Master’s degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics at the University of Bradford. His academic foundation extends to geology and petroleum geoscience. Throughout his professional journey, Mr. Apata has garnered valuable experience across diverse sectors encompassing education, GIS consultancy, sales, […]

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