Bringing together experts and communities

Shape AI together

Join our movement of people and groups who want to raise awareness of unintended consequences in the use of Artificial Intelligence. We believe in protecting human rights, which are currently being eroded by unregulated automated systems, and demand that super intelligent systems are not used for bad purposes.

Donate skills

Our movement has a big remit and we need many hands to get there, all over the UK! If you have skills in the following areas and want to use them for good, please help us in whatever time you have. We need people in:

Advise on and run programmes

Complex societal issues need specialist expertise from every discipline and angle. In order to help frame and solve complex issues, we are seeking people experienced in public engagement, social campaigns and movement building to help guide and maximise our impact.

We also welcome experts in any related fields to advise on our current programmes, and suggest or run projects which we can support to help the mission. We have particular roles for practitioners in the following fields:

Link with external bodies and projects

There are already a great number of organisations which have inspired and informed this movement. There are many distinguished think tanks, policy bodies and makers, institutes, and charities working on programmes and research, promoting and investigating approaches to AI, Digital and Data ethics, governance, frameworks, diversity and inclusion and “for good” projects.

If you have links to these organisations, we want to hear how we can support and be informed by your work. Are there projects our community could provide insight on, or ones you would like to see run? Can you provide case studies, research and materials, or suggest research gaps? How can we help inform policy? We need to work together to combine the great brains and effort of everyone trying to find solutions!

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