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Better AI

We help businesses, public and 3rd sector organisations to make more ethical products and services using AI, which are more robust and commercially sound.

Consult our community for user research

It can be hard to identify the implications and unintended consequences of AI models and use of historic or limited data sets on vulnerable groups. Members of protected groups are usually not adequately represented in development teams, or in the management teams who set objectives on projects using AI. As a result, blind spots emerge even in the best intentioned companies, resulting in inaccurate models and biased results.

Responsible use of AI is becoming an increasing indicator of being a purpose lead, sustainable organisation even before legislation moves to enforce it. We can work with you to see how our community can help to fill in gaps and to get closer to all users, either through consulting one of our diverse Citizen Advisers or user testing.

Participate in ethical AI workshops

For the past couple of years AI has been the biggest business buzzword, with companies rushing to implement and integrate machine and deep learning to increase or safeguard competitive advantage. Applications such as predictive algorithms, biometrics, computer vision, conversational interfaces and robotic process automation can be transformational.

But in the race to implement, how much time has been spent considering possible downsides of transformation, on aligning with frameworks and principles, and to really understand and quality test models? One way of taking a step back or designing in ethical principles is to run workshops and training for all teams involved. We work with partners to help you orientate your teams and develop solutions which balance ethical and responsible principles with business objectives.

Get involved in positive action

Many companies are already leading the way in supporting projects and tools promoting responsible AI, and we invite them to get in touch. It’s important to learn from and spread good practice, and highlight those championing inclusive development. We welcome any involvement in our projects from company employees, and any donations of expertise, resources and venues to achieve them.

We also urge companies to sign our pledge to support ethical AI. We ask for a commitment to take a positive action to increase Diversity and Inclusion in tech, provide work opportunities, support local and disadvantaged communities, and use technology responsibly.

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