Student Community Champion

About us

We and AI is a Non-Profit Organisation set up and run by volunteers from a range of different backgrounds and occupations. 

We work to increase the awareness and understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) amongst the general UK population. 

This is essential to empower people to have a say in how the technology making decisions about them should be used, and controlled. 

We are currently creating ways to engage people in the potential risks and rewards of the AI already in their lives, and to show different ways to get their voices heard.

Help us make sure there is humanity in technology!

About the role 

We are developing easy to understand awareness, education and inclusion programmes about the risks and rewards of Artificial Intelligence. We aim to bridge the gap between those making decisions on how AI is used and controlled, and the wider public whose lives are being shaped by it.

You can join us to help co-create a programme to ensure people in the UK and in your networks are better informed about the decisions technology makes about them, and enabled to be part of deciding what trade-offs society should accept as part of our reliance on technology.

Without any technical background, as a We and AI Community Champion with the support of top academics, technologists, business leaders, ethicists and social justice advocates, you could take a role in shaping what will be the most significant developments for humanity in the next few years. 

In return, you will gain training in artificial intelligence (suitable for the non-technical person), in ethical principles of technology, and in engaging people in discussion about AI. 

Main responsibilities

Your duties will include the following:

About you

What is in it for you?

Training and support 

You will need to commit to undertake 8 hours training over the course of 2-3 weeks. 

Time Commitment

This role will require regular activity. You will need to have at least 3 hours a week to donate to We and AI for a minimum period of 6 months. Activities related to this role might take place either during the day, or in the early evening, and in some cases (when appropriate) travel may be required.

Travel requirements

As a Community Champion you will be mainly active in your local area. It can be discussed during recruitment how far you are willing or are able to travel. As soon as circumstances permit, there may also be national events or meeting that you will be invited to attend as a We and AI representative, this is likely to be only a few times a year. However, personal circumstances and accessibility needs will always be taken into consideration and we welcome input into making events as inclusive as possible.

How to Apply

The first stage involves you writing a short motivation letter (no more than 500 words or one A4 page) outlining your skills and motivations. Please submit your supporting letter and CV to If you would like to make a submission in a different format, such as video or audio, please also get in touch to inform us.


If successful with your application, the second stage involves a follow-up interview, and then a session to discuss in more detail that the programme can fit into  your situation and commitments. First interview will typically be via video conference but will endeavour to fit around any accessibility needs. Feedback will be given to unsuccessful candidates.

Please note: We particularly encourage people who come from all kinds of minorities (e.g. related to race, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexuality, (dis)ability), or from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply. This is in order to help increase the diversity of people being considered in the development and use of AI and automation, which is currently not at all representative of the population. However, we are fully inclusive, welcoming all people, from any geographic location (UK or UK focused), educational background, or age.

For more, please refer to the website: