Tania Duarte

Tania is the Founder of We and AI, a UK non-profit focusing on better AI literacy for social inclusion, in order to facilitate critical thinking and more inclusive decision-making about AI. Programmes include Better Images of AI Рa collaboration with BBC R&D and a global community of academics, activists, institutes and artists. Tania is on the Founding Editorial Board for the Springer AI and Ethics Journal and on the Public Engagement and Ecosystem Strategy Advisory Board of The Alan Turing Institute. Tania is a Lead for TLA Tech for Disability, a member of the IEEE P7015 Data and AI Literacy, Skills, and Readiness working group, and was named one of WIAIE’s 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics 2021. Prior to this, Tania spent 30 years in consultancy, business and marketing management roles in various industries, latterly in tech and startups.