Making the invisible visible

Our mission

We and AI is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). It is set up and staffed by volunteers. We seek and welcome participation from people of all ages and backgrounds.

Our primary mission is to increase public awareness and understanding of AI in the UK. This is vital in order to empower people to make their voices heard about how AI should be used and controlled, and encourage more people from all backgrounds to get involved with or work in AI. 

Public engagement, feedback and activism are needed to accelerate and better inform the process of making AI fair for everyone.

However little you know about technology, you can get involved to help us make AI more visible, transparent, accessible and fair.

Our programmes

We are developing easy to understand awareness, education and inclusion programmes about the risks and rewards of AI. We aim to bridge the gap between those making decisions on how AI is used and controlled, and the wider public whose lives are being shaped by it.

Our first phase involves researching how much people know and understand about everyday applications about AI, and the language used to describe it. We are using a quiz format for the survey, in order to test methods of accessible and engaging resources for non-technical people with all levels of education. The results will help develop further resources, can you help by sharing the quiz?

We are working on partnerships with businesses and other NGOs to develop materials and resources. We can provide feedback and input to research, focus groups and consequence scanning from our diverse members in the form of citizen panels. 

We welcome approaches from all organisations as we believe in working together to make AI work for everyone. Can you introduce us to any organisations?

Project partners

How to become a project partner?

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