Misinformation and News Feed Visibility

Algorithms are used in social media platforms like Facebook to select what to make most visible in people’s news feeds, reinforcing what they already consume based on their profile and interests. This can be gamed to deliberately show misleading information to serve various agendas.

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‘Fake news’: Incorrect, but hard to correct. The role of cognitive ability on the impact of false information on social impressions

The present experiment examined how people adjust their judgment after they learn that crucial information on which their initial evaluation was based is incorrect. In line with our expectations, the results showed that people generally do adjust their attitudes, but the degree to which they correct their assessment depends on their cognitive ability. A study […]

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Discrimination through optimization: How Facebook’s ad delivery can lead to skewed outcomes

The enormous financial success of online advertising platforms is partially due to the precise targeting features they offer. Although researchers and journalists have found many ways that advertisers can target – or exclude – particular groups of users seeing their ads, comparatively little attenti… Ad-delivery is controlled by the advertising platform (eg. Facebook) and researchers […]

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