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AI for recruiting is the application of artificial intelligence (such as machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis) to the recruitment function.

On the one hand AI screening can mitigate some intrinsic human racial bias in decision making, by removing the unconscious bias humans bring to evaluating candidates and CVs. AI models can be tasked with ensuring that job application outcomes are fairer and not based on data correlated with protected demographic variables such as race and gender. The idea is that computers can assess data points objectively – free from the assumptions, biases, and mental fatigue to which humans are susceptible.

In reality, because historical recruitment data is often used to train the machine learning algorithm, it can still cause and even amplify past bias. This could result in locking ethnic minorities out of employment or, at least, heavily hinder their possibilities to be considered for jobs that they are qualified for.

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Amazon scraps AI recruiting tool showing bias against women

In 2018, Amazon’s use of AI for hiring was discovered to favour male job candidates, because its algorithms had been trained on 10 years’ worth of internal data that heavily […]

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This tech startup uses AI to eliminate all hiring biases

This video argues that hiring is largely analogue and broken. This leads to major problems such as inefficiency, ineffectiveness (50% of first-year hires fail), poor candidate experience, and lack of […]

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How to use AI hiring tools to reduce bias in recruiting

From machine learning tools that optimize job descriptions, to AI-powered psychological assessments of traits like fairness, here’s a look at the strengths – and pitfalls – of AI Commercial AI […]

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Using AI to eliminate bias from hiring

AI could eliminate unconscious bias and sort through candidates in a fair way. Many current AI tools for recruiting have flaws, but they can be addressed. The beauty of AI […]

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Rights group files federal complaint against AI-hiring firm HireVue, citing ‘unfair and deceptive’ practices

AI is now being used to shortlist job applicants in the UK — let’s hope it’s not racist AI-based video interviewing software such as those made by HireVue are being […]

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When your resume is (not) turning you down: Modelling ethnic bias in resume screening

Resume screening is the first hurdle applicants typically face when they apply for a job. Despite the many empirical studies showing bias at the resume‐screening stage, fairness at this funnelling […]

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In the Covid-19 jobs market, biased AI is in charge of all the hiring

As millions of people flood the jobs market, companies are turning to biased and racist AI to sift through the avalanche of CVs As millions of people flood the jobs […]

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