Apprise: Using AI to unmask situations of forced labour and human trafficking (LVL 4)

Labourers in Thailand

Forced labour exploiters continually tweak and refine their own practices of exploitation, in response to changing policies and practices of inspections.The article showcases efforts to create AI tools that predict changing patterns of human exploitation. The authors acknowledge that whilst there are obvious benefits that accurate forecasting tools could bring, there are cases where these […]

AI can be sexist and racist — it’s time to make it fair (LVL 4)

half the face of a western bride and an Asian bride spliced together

The article raises the challenge of defining fairness when building databases. For example, should the data be representative of the world as it is, or of a world that many would aspire to? Should an AI tool used to assess the likelihood that the person will assimilate well into the work environment? Who should decide […]

Establishing an AI code of ethics will be harder than people think (LVL 4)

timeline diagram of AI ethical scandals

The New York police department has built a massive database of 17,500+ individuals believed to be involved in criminal gangs, which is estimated to contain about 95-95% African American, Latino, and Asian American, raising concerns about creating a class of people that are branded with a kind of criminal tag. The article contains a timeline […]