Climate Change and Social Inequalities

The relationship between climate change and social inequalities is a vicious cycle. Initial inequality causes disproportionate disadvantage from the effects of climate change to certain groups, resulting in further inequality.

Vulnerable groups face greater exposure to the adverse effects of climate change, an increase in susceptibility to damage caused by climate change, and a decrease in the ability to recover from this damage. In utilising AI to explore solutions to climate change mitigation, we need to ensure that the solution does not only result in gains for technologically advanced countries, and that the communities that are most affected have ownership of the their data and a voice in the solution.

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Climate Change and Social Inequality

Climate Change and Social Inequality

Climate change and social inequalityThis paper offers a unifying conceptual framework for understanding the relationship between climate change and “within-country inequalities,” referred here collectively as “social inequality.” UN Working Paper…

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