We and AI is on the airwaves

Join us as we investigate invisible AI in our new podcast series 

You might have heard whispers on the AI grapevine. Maybe Alexa told you. 

But we can finally confirm the rumours: We and AI is making a podcast!

Our first series is called ‘Investigating the Invisible’, and it’s all about surfacing and questioning the way invisible forces of Artificial Intelligence are shaping our world.

It is for anyone in an organisation, which uses or creates technology (and let’s face it, that is now most of them) who wants to understand more about what impact AI has on their personal and professional life.

We explore how to challenge and contribute to the discourse around the trade-offs involved in our use of AI and the future of our society.

Leading this podcast are our wonderful co-hosts and co-investigators Kevin Butler, Founder of Centigy and We and AI’s Adviser on AI and HR tech, and Peju Oshisanya, Director and Clinical Programme Leader of Benevolent AI and We and AI’s Adviser on healthcare. 

We’re really excited to be setting off on this journey together. 

And, more importantly, we hope you’ll join us!

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Invisible AI is everywhere – and we’re going to find it

Our first series is called ‘Investigating the Invisible’ because we’ll be exploring all the hidden ways AI is shaping the world around us.

And we’ll be recruiting some experts to help us do it. 

Every episode, we’ll speak to experts in key industries (including healthcare, education, media, employment, government and business) to see how AI is changing things – with a focus on the real-world impact this is having on people everywhere. 

We’re dispelling myths, illuminating the unknown and making the invisible, visible. But more importantly, we’re identifying the important AI questions that you need to be asking. 

And the important bit here is ‘you’ – we’re not making this series for the technical people building and developing AI, but for those who are interested in the future of humanity – and ensuring that it’s a fair future for us all. 

If that sounds like you, then come with us on our journey!

It’s all about asking questions

Human life is a quest for answers. Answers make the world go round. Answers get things done. 

But when it comes to AI, we don’t have any answers yet. 

The technology is evolving extremely quickly, and a lot of it’s happening under the radar. That means most of the time we don’t even know what we don’t know.

That’s why this podcast series is all about identifying the right questions, rather than searching for answers.  

By the end of every episode, we’ll pin down some key questions that we can all take away and think about. Questions like:

If everyone asks their employers, schools, governments, and healthcare providers these important questions, we’ll start a dialogue that means we shape AI for the good of humanity – and not the other way around.

Because ultimately, we do believe that AI is a force for good — but visibility is key to ensuring that this is the case.

So, take a listen to our Trailer, and make sure to subscribe wherever you like to listen, so you can keep up with us on our journey.

Our first episode ‘Is AI biased — and is that our fault?’, featuring the technologist and author Robert Elliott Smith, and the award-winning science journalist and broadcaster Angela Saini, will be out on November 20th. 

In the meantime, if you have a question you’d like us (or, if you’d really like to be a guest on the podcast) get in touch at podcast@weandai.org

See you soon on the AI airwaves!