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A brightly coloured illustration which can be viewed in any direction. It has many elements to it working together: men in suits around a table, someone in a data centre, big hands controlling the scenes and holding a phone, people in a production line. Motifs such as network diagrams and melting emojis are placed throughout the busy vignettes.

The human cost of automation bias 

Opinion: Why the Post Office and Fujitsu’s deliberate miscarriages of justice are not a scandal, but an outrage we must all share It has taken a TV series to bring widespread attention and police action to what has been described as the Post Office “Scandal” – in which innocent people were criminalised because of accounting […]

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We and AI is on the airwaves

Join us as we investigate invisible AI in our new podcast series  You might have heard whispers on the AI grapevine. Maybe Alexa told you.  But we can finally confirm the rumours: We and AI is making a podcast! Our first series is called ‘Investigating the Invisible’, and it’s all about surfacing and questioning the […]

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The joy (and importance) of AI knowledge sharing: Why I joined We and AI

If people know how AI works they can be involved in the conversation, which will only help us make AI better. It takes incredibly skilled people in math to build good, ethical AI products. It takes incredibly ‘human’ humans to help them.

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Why we need to act on racial bias in AI

Some starting points, and why inaction makes you part of the problem For many who saw a man get murdered in front of complicit police colleagues and helpless bystanders, the fact that something needs to change in the system which allows this to repeatedly happen without consequence has become ever more apparent.  What might be […]

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How individuals can help to shape AI for good

We are calling for diverse people from a range of backgrounds to help get our voices heard. There are important ways to get involved for everyone.

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