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Photo of a mock news paper cover: The World News, headline THE SKY IS FALLING

AI News Narrative: Headlines Shape Knowledge

Opinion: By Tess Buckley My Grandpa (or, as I called him, Boppy) used to read the paper every morning. I remember eating my eggs in silence with him and squinting, trying my best to catch whatever was on the other side of his reading. He shook the papers before flipping to the next side as […]

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A brightly coloured illustration which can be viewed in any direction. It has many elements to it working together: men in suits around a table, someone in a data centre, big hands controlling the scenes and holding a phone, people in a production line. Motifs such as network diagrams and melting emojis are placed throughout the busy vignettes.

The human cost of automation bias 

Opinion: Why the Post Office and Fujitsu’s deliberate miscarriages of justice are not a scandal, but an outrage we must all share It has taken a TV series to bring widespread attention and police action to what has been described as the Post Office “Scandal” – in which innocent people were criminalised because of accounting […]

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CogX Festival 2021 – Our thoughts so far

“How do we get the next 10 years right?” This question, posed as the theme of CogX 2021’s hybrid festival, is certainly an intriguing one. Ten  years in tech is a long time, especially when we consider the speed of innovation during the pandemic.  We’ve written up our thoughts on Day 1 in case you […]

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