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Paper is torn away to reveal it says "content marketing" underneath

Leaving AI explainers up to tech companies: What could go wrong?

Opinion: By Tania Duarte In the absence of any funded civil society or national school and adult initiatives in the UK, tech companies fill the vacuum. For instance, Snapchat.AI have an AI literacy guide and Google DeepMind have developed Experience AI. It can seem sensible to educators and policymakers to make use of free resources […]

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Five people and a dog are seen in outline in orange, against an orange background. Two of the people talk to each other, one stands along with her stick, one walks a dog, and the other is in a wheelchair. All of them look at their mobile phones intently, and all cast shadows on the ground. The shadows are made up of network diagrams, being representative rather than a literal shadow.

An AI-first economy may be unsustainable and undemocratic

Why preparing people needs to come first for our economy Opinion: by Ismael Kherroubi Garcia The UK government has consistently made the case in recent years for promoting innovation through the investment in, and development and deployment of, artificial intelligence (AI) research and systems. However, the government has not made any significant headway in filling […]

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Course poster, in bright colours with animated characters: curious about artificial intelligence? Free course. Share with your friends. Scottish AI Alliance. Open to anyone looking to learn more about AI.

Free online course “Living with AI” is back – tell your friends!

News: The second run of a five-week free course for anyone on AI starts on the 15th January 2023 We were delighted to work with The Scottish AI Alliance designing content for their course designed to give the general public of Scotland (and beyond!) an introduction to the world of AI. The course was to […]

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Photo of a mock news paper cover: The World News, headline THE SKY IS FALLING

AI News Narrative: Headlines Shape Knowledge

Opinion: By Tess Buckley My Grandpa (or, as I called him, Boppy) used to read the paper every morning. I remember eating my eggs in silence with him and squinting, trying my best to catch whatever was on the other side of his reading. He shook the papers before flipping to the next side as […]

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