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Birds migrating across the lake Lines of birds fly across a still lake with mountains in the background, with a blue wash. The composition is slightly representative of sheet music with the birds as notes

Are AI documentaries sonic playgrounds of hype?

Commentary: Dr Jenn Chubb  In a previous post on Better Images of AI blog, Dr Jenn Chubb and Dr Liam Maloney described the ways in which the sonic framing of AI in narratives affects the public understanding of science. Building on her recent research about the role of music and sound in AI documentaries, Jenn […]

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Photo of some handwritten text which says: "Tess blog …into their image. We pray too for film makers who work in such a powerful industry. Please raise up those who can make a difference for the good."

An Opportunity for Public Education and Understanding:

Exploring the Filmmaker’s Role in the Perception and Reception of AI Opinion: By Tess Buckley I went to church in Cambridge last month to visit a distant relative who lectures as a theologian and philosopher. Although not religious, I was curious about what the church service would entail. During the service, a prayer was delivered […]

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Photo of a mock news paper cover: The World News, headline THE SKY IS FALLING

AI News Narrative: Headlines Shape Knowledge

Opinion: By Tess Buckley My Grandpa (or, as I called him, Boppy) used to read the paper every morning. I remember eating my eggs in silence with him and squinting, trying my best to catch whatever was on the other side of his reading. He shook the papers before flipping to the next side as […]

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