How AI applications are used to aid learning

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Intelligence Unleashed – An argument for education

This research paper gives arguments for how AI can benefit our education system. It argues that AI can support teachers in giving children the best education whilst not taking away from the humanity of it. AI can be beneficial in aspects such as online tutoring, collaborative learning, and tackling achievement gaps. While it does not […]

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Beyond gadgets: EdTech to help close the attainment gap

A video overview of a report advocating for the use of edtech, or education technology, which includes many AI solutions, in order to close the “Opportunity Gap” between marginalised and “mainstream” pupils.

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Speech recognition in education: The powers and perils

Weighing up the huge potential of voice recognition technology to gain insights into children’s language and reading development, against a difference of 16% in misidentified words between white and black voices.

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AI teachers may be the solution to our education crisis

This article looks at the global shortage of teachers and how AI might be used to supplement and provide lacking education, and argues that it could be less biased than teachers, thereby resolving inequity.

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Can computers ever replace the classroom?

This article considers the various ways AI can be used during the pandemic to boost virtual learning, focusing on Chinese company Squirrel AI who are reporting good results with computer tutors and personalised learning, and weighing up the risks, such as surveillance of Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang.

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In Hong Kong, this AI Reads children’s emotions as they learn…

Facial recognition AI, combined with other AI assessment, is used to spot how children are performing and boost their performance. However, there is concern that it may not work so well for students with non-Chinese ethnicities who were not part of the training data.

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AI is coming to schools, and if we are not careful, so will it’s biases

This article looks at what issues may arise for children from minority and underprivileged communities from replacing teachers with AI.

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