Racial Bias Found in Health Care Company Algorithm

black patient being checked out by a white doctor

New York news video reporting on the investigation into UnitedHealth Group over allegations that they are utilising a racially biased algorithm. A new study reports that the new AI software leads to lower levels of care for black patients compared to white patients.

Health Care AI Systems are Biased

a brain depicted as computer circuits

This article explains how bias in AI systems is contributing to the exacerbation of racial health disparities. There is a huge issue with the misrepresentation of our data sets, which could result in health systems that do not correctly identify nor treat illnesses in non-white patients. For example, skin-cancer detection algorithms trained on light-skinned individuals, […]

AI reveals differences in appearance of cancer tissue between racial populations

human cells

Artificial Intelligence technologies are being used to understand potential differences in prostate cancer tissues between racial populations; cancer tissues manifest differently in black and white patients. This research is revealing the racial bias in AI systems used to diagnose prostate cancer. Algorithmic models are trained on data from majority white populations, which means that prostate […]

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: The Need for Ethics

Speaker Varoon Mathur

The advent of AI promises to revolutionise the way we think about medicine and healthcare, but who do we hold accountable when automated procedures go awry? In this talk, Varoon focuses on the lack of affordable medicines within healthcare and the concerns over racial bias being brought into the healthcare system.

AI, Medicine, and Bias: Diversifying Your Dataset is Not Enough

image of talk title and speaker Rachel, Thomas

Using the example of machine learning in medicine as an example, Rachel Thomas examines examples of racial bias within the AI technologies driving modern-day medicines and treatments. Rachel Thomas argues that whilst the diversity of your data set, and performance of your model across different demographic groups is important, this is only a narrow slice […]

Addressing Bias: Artificial Intelligence in Cardiovascular Medicine

Lancet logo

Medical report which examines the potential of Artificial Intelligence in cardiovascular medicine; it could hugely benefit patient diagnosis and treatment of what is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. However, AI algorithms are still subject to their own biases, and predictive models might worsen health disparities through biases in the data training the […]

Understanding AI bias in banking

AI systems could unfairly decline new bank account applications, block payments and credit cards, deny loans, and other vital financial services and products to qualified customers because of how their data is treated or labeled.

Black Loans Matter: fighting bias for AI fairness in lending

A detailed summary of research by Mark Weber, Mikhail Yurochkin, Sherif Botros and Vanio Markov, breaking down the lack of racial justice in the current US financial system which leads to the loss of the right to financial security, along with examination of solutions.