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Measuring racial discrimination in algorithms

Measuring racial discrimination in algorithms There is growing concern that the rise of algorithmic decision-making can lead to discrimination against legally protected groups, but measuring such algorithmic discrimination is often hampered by a fundamental selection challenge. We develop new quasi-experimental tools to overcome this challenge and measure algorithmic discrimination in the setting of pre-trial bail […]

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The danger of predictive algorithms in criminal justice

A study on the discriminatory impact of algorithms in pre-trial bail decisions.

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Racial disparities in automated speech recognition

Racial disparities in automated speech recognition Automated speech recognition (ASR) systems are now used in a variety of applications to convert spoken language to text, from virtual assistants, to closed captioning, to hands-free computing. By analyzing a large corpus of sociolinguistic interviews with white and African American speakers, we demo‚Ķ Analysis of five state-of-the-art automated […]

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Unmasking Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is not the next generation of CCTV. Whilst CCTV takes pictures, facial recognition takes measurements. Measurements of the distance between your eyes, the length of your nose, the shape of your face. In this sense, facial recognition is the next generation of fingerprinting. It is a highly intrusive form of surveillance which everyone […]

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