With so much buzz about AI at present, we invite blog post contributions which demystify key topics.

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Why we need to act on racial bias in AI

Some starting points, and why inaction makes you part of the problem For many who saw a man get murdered in front of complicit police colleagues and helpless bystanders, the fact that something needs to change in the system which allows this to repeatedly happen without consequence has become ever more apparent.  What might be […]

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5 ways AI is being used to combat Covid-19

AI is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the world around us. Today, it’s being used widely in the fight against coronavirus – here are our top 5 ways it’s being used to combat the virus.

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The different ways Artificial Intelligence is being used to counter the pandemic

The Coronavirus Pandemic has become life changing for all of us wherever we live in the world, the disruption to businesses and our lives unprecedented and profound. We are all facing the challenges of self-isolating, homeworking, home schooling, food shortages, illness and for some loss of our friends, colleagues or loved ones.  But never has […]

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Create better products and services for a better society

We help businesses, public and 3rd sector organisations to make more ethical products and services using AI, which are more robust and commercially sound.

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Bringing together experts and communities

We are a community which includes experts, advocates and professionals. They advise on and contribute to We and AI programmes, and link to external projects.

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How individuals can help to shape AI for good

We are calling for diverse people from a range of backgrounds to help get our voices heard. There are important ways to get involved for everyone.

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