Content Moderation on News and Social Media (LVL 3)

AI tools are used to spot potentially harmful comments, posts and content and remove them from discussion boards and social media platforms. These tools may often misconstrue language that is culturally different, effectively censoring people’s voices. (THE CONTENT BELOW IS PLACEHOLDER CONTENT, BELONGING TO A DIFFERENT TOPIC: DIGITAL MEDIA MANIPULATION AND PROCESSING.)

Automated News Media and Content Generation (LVL 3)

New AI tools like GPT-3 (a language processing algorithm) are trained with trillions of bytes of text to generate new written content, like articles or image descriptions. This new text reflects the language the AI has been trained on, and can mirror biases in the training data and text sources. AI is also used to […]

Digital and Social media (LVL2)

Many online platforms, like social media websites, news websites and entertainment websites, use AI algorthims to automatically edit, curate, promote and even create content. Many of these algorithms are trained on data which may be biased in some way: it might not be diverse enough to represent the true cutural and ethnic diversity of society, […]

Digital media manipulation and processing (LVL 3)

When AI is used for changing an image or video file, such as cropping it automatically, any bias built in can adapt that image unfavourably. Cropping, for example, may favour lighter skinned people and reduce the visibility of darker skinned people. This gives a false impression of reality through an apparent reality-based medium (seeing is […]